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Enhancing the Value of Wind Power 
with Energy Storage

The 5th Edition of Research Reports International's Enhancing the Value of Wind Power with Energy Storage report is a 40-page evaluation of how electric energy storage can be used to increase the value of wind power production.

Wind power represents a promising source of clean, renewable energy, but it is limited in its ability to provide significant amounts of power to the grid due to its intermittent and non-dispatchable nature. In order for wind power to become a major source of electricity and compete with nuclear energy and fossil fuels as a baseload generating source, it needs to be able to operate at a high capacity factor. This is something which can be achieved with energy storage. A major objective of this report is to demonstrate how energy storage systems can shape the supply of wind power, firm up its reliability, increase its capacity value, and even enable it to provide baseload energy and to do so profitably. 

Topics covered in the report include:

  • Overview of what energy storage is and the utility applications it can support
  • Discussion of the current status of energy storage use for electric power applications
  • Evaluation of the major electric energy storage technologies 
  • Analysis of the issues the wind power faces and how energy storage can resolve them
  • Comparison of energy storage technologies in terms of their ability to support wind power
  • Discussion on how energy storage can allow wind power to operate as a baseload plant
  • Assessment of the economics of combining wind power with energy storage
  • Profiles of key wind power/energy storage projects

Enhancing the Value of Wind Power with Energy Storage comes in Adobe Acrobat PDF format or Hardcopy for $299.

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