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Gaining Customer Acceptance of the Smart Grid

The 2nd Edition of Research Reports International's Gaining Customer Acceptance of the Smart Grid is a 25-page report which seeks to provide an understanding of customer concerns regarding how the Smart Grid will impact them, as well as an understanding of why customers have these concerns and what can be done to assuage them. 

One of the promises of the Smart Grid is that it will reduce demand at peak periods alleviating the need for more generation and transmission. It will do so by providing customers with detailed information about their electricity usage along with dynamic pricing information which reflects the true cost of electricity at a given time. While the Smart Grid promises to enable customers to better control their electricity costs, it also holds the potential to create a whole host of new concerns for them.

Gaining Customer Acceptance of the Smart Grid identifies the customer concerns that may create a barrier to implementation of the Smart Grid, as well as actions which the industry can undertake to alleviate these concerns. Topics covered in the report include:

  • Overview of the characteristics that define the Smart Grid 
  • Identification of the components that make up the Smart Grid 
  • Discussion of the functionality enabled by the Smart Grid 
  • Analysis of the impact of the Smart Grid on the customer 
  • Evaluation of the impact of dynamic pricing on the customer's role in the electricity value chain 
  • Overview of the need for device automation to support customer response to dynamic pricing 
  • Identification of customer concerns about the impact of the Smart Grid on themselves 
  • Analysis of actions that can be taken to increase customer acceptance of the Smart Grid

Gaining Customer Acceptance of the Smart Grid comes in Adobe Acrobat PDF format or Hardcopy for $199.

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