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The Commercialization of MicroCHP

The 2nd Edition of Research Reports International's The Commercialization of MicroCHP is a 65-page report which seeks to provide a thorough understanding of the benefits that MicroCHP can provide, the current state of the technology, and the major players in the market. 

The need for higher levels of reliability and power quality, combined with the transition of the electric industry to a competitive market is spurring the development of various forms of distributed generation. While most of these technologies can provide high quality, reliable power to end users, not all make economic sense. With growing concern over power quality, carbon emissions, and grid reliability, an efficient, economical on-site power solution is needed. MicroCHP can meet this need.

The Commercialization of MicroCHP provides electric industry participants with the knowledge they need to begin preparing for the commercialization of MicroCHP technology. Topics covered in the report include:

•Overview of what CHP and MicroCHP are and how they operate 
•Evaluation of the benefits which MicroCHP can provide 
•Identification of the barriers to MicroCHP market penetration 
•Discussion of the economic factors which impact MicroCHP cost effectiveness, as well as the capital and O&M costs of MicroCHP
•Identification and comparison of the different MicroCHP technologies 
•Overview of government initiatives to support the development of MicroCHP 
•Profiles of the key MicroCHP manufacturers

The Commercialization of MicroCHP comes in Adobe Acrobat PDF format and is available via email or Hardcopy for $299.

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