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The Growth of Carbon Investment Funds

The 4th Edition of Research Reports International's The Growth of Carbon Investment Funds report is a 110-page study of the development of Carbon Procurement Vehicles, generally known as Carbon Investment Funds. 

With the commitment period for the Kyoto Protocol in place, interest in acquiring carbon credits is reaching a feverish pace. While governments and companies can use bilateral trades, brokers, or exchanges to acquire the credits needed to meet their greenhouse gas reduction targets; the time, cost, and expertise required make this method prohibitive for many. In addition, the limited availability of credits in the market means that demand is chasing a limited supply.

In order to both ease the acquisition and increase the supply of credits, many participants are putting their money into Carbon Investment Funds. These funds provide the large pool of capital and expertise needed to achieve the targets set by the Kyoto Protocol.

The Growth of Carbon Investment Funds report provides an overview of the key drivers of interest in carbon reduction - climate change and the Kyoto Protocol. It discusses the different mechanisms available for reducing or offsetting carbon emissions, as well as the type of carbon credits being created and the markets for trading those credits. Next, the report focuses in specifically on carbon funds providing a history of their development and an analysis of the different types of funds and investors. Finally, it provides profiles of 48 leading carbon funds including fund size, fund description, investment strategy, and portfolio details.

The Growth of Carbon Investment Funds comes in Adobe Acrobat PDF format and is available via email or Hardcopy for $299. 

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