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The Technology of the Smart Grid

The 2nd Edition of Research Reports International's The Technology of the Smart Grid report is a 140-page overview of the key technologies and vendors that are making the Smart Grid a reality. 

Demand for electricity is growing faster than the supply infrastructure. At the same time, the conversion to a digital economy is increasing the demand for high quality power. The need to reduce peak demand and improve power quality requires an enhanced distribution grid which can both heal itself and provide two-way communication between the utility and the end-user. Many companies are working to develop the technology needed to implement this vision of a Smart Grid.

The report provides a thorough understanding of who the key technology providers for the Smart Grid are and what products they are offering. A major objective of this report is to provide the information necessary for those interested in implementing a Smart Grid to start thinking about the functionality they need, the products available to provide that functionality, and the vendors that may be able to supply those products.

The report provides an overview of what the Smart Grid is and why it is needed. It then focuses in on more than 40 leading companies developing products in the key technology areas of the Smart Grid. These companies are divided by technology and profiles of each are provided. Each profile provides contact information, a company description, an overview of their Smart Grid products, a listing of key Smart Grid alliances they are involved in, and examples of Smart Grid projects which are using their technology.

The Technology of the Smart Grid report comes in Adobe Acrobat PDF format via email or Hardcopy for $299.

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