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The U.S. Solar Power Market

The 4th Edition of Research Reports International's The U.S. Solar Power Market report is a 75-page overview of the domestic market for solar power.  The report provides a concise look at the steps being taken to grow solar power in the U.S.

Renewable portfolio standards, concern over climate change, and large government rebate checks are charging up the U.S. solar power market driving double-digit annual growth of installed capacity.  Thousand of residential and business customers are installing PV systems on their homes and business, while at the same time utilities are contracting for the development of hundred MW concentrating solar power systems.  

The U.S. Solar Power Market report provides an understanding of the technological and business principles behind solar power.  In addition, it identifies the key players in the U.S. market by profiling the states that are doing the most to encourage solar power development, as well as the manufacturers who are building up a domestic business.

Topics covered in the report include: 

  • An overview of solar power including its history, the current market environment, and its future prospects 
  • An analysis of the key business factors that are driving interest in solar power
  • A description of solar power technologies 
  • A review of the economics of solar power 
  • Profiles of the key U.S. markets for solar power

The U.S. Solar Power Market report comes in Adobe Acrobat PDF format via email or Hardcopy for $299.

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