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The Use of Biomass for Power Generation in the U.S.

The 6th Edition of Research Reports International's The Use of Biomass for Power Generation in the U.S. report is an 55-page overview of the renewed U.S. market interest in biomass-fueled power generation. 

Renewable portfolio standards, the threat of carbon reduction mandates, and customer desire for more environmentally sound energy sources are all driving utilities to take a hard look at using renewable energy to meet their electric supply requirements. While both wind and solar power have been growing rapidly, suitable resources do not exist in all locales and costs for solar power are extremely high. However, biomass resources are widely available and in many cases can be used cost-effectively to generate electricity. The report provides a concise look at what's driving interest in biomass-fueled generation, the challenges faced in implementing biomass-fueled generation projects, and the current and future state of biomass-fueled generation.

Topics covered in the report include: 

  • An overview of biomass-fueled generation including its history, the current market environment, and its future prospects
  • An analysis of the key business factors that are driving renewed interest in biomass-fueled generation
  • An evaluation of the challenges that are hindering the implementation of biomass-fueled generation projects
  • A description of the various feedstocks that can be used for biomass-fueled generation
  • An evaluation of the biomass supply chain
  • A description of biomass-fueled generation technologies
  • A review of the economic drivers of biomass-fueled generation project success 

The Use of Biomass for Power Generation in the U.S. report is available in Adobe Acrobat PDF format via email or Hardcopy for just $299. 

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