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Understanding the Technology, Benefits, 
and Potential of Microgrids

The 3rd Edition of Research Reports International's Understanding the Technology, Benefits, and Potential of Microgrids report is a 40-page overview of what microgrids are and what is being done to define and implement them.

The Digital Economy has altered the requirements for electricity service and brought about a need for higher levels of power quality and reliability. This will require changes not only to the grid itself, but also to business models for providing electricity and related services.

Understanding the Technology, Benefits, and Potential of Microgrids aims to provide the reader with a thorough understanding of the basics of microgrid technology, its benefits, obstacles, and how microgrids will affect the electricity market. It also aims to provide an understanding of what industries and organizations are currently doing to develop microgrid technologies. The report focuses on the need for developing microgrids as a prerequisite for improving reliability and power quality. It provides the information necessary for industry participants to start thinking about the potential benefits of microgrids, including how they will increase the use of distributed energy resources. 

Topics covered in the report include:

  • Overview of the current state of the electric grid
  • Analysis of trends that are negatively impacting electric delivery service, quality, reliability, and availability (SQRA)
  • Evaluation of the supergrid and the dispersed grid as potential solutions to SQRA concerns
  • Description of microgrids and how they fit with future grid concepts
  • Analysis of microgrid interaction with the grid
  • Identification of the benefits of and challenges to implementing microgrids
  • Evaluation of the market potential for microgrids and the economic factors that impact profitability
  • Description of the activities being undertaken by government and industry to support development of microgrids

Understanding the Technology, Benefits, and Potential of Microgrids comes in Adobe Acrobat PDF format via email or Hardcopy for $299.

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